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Carbide DEMO-Cut Blades

Carbide DEMO-Cut Blades

Carbide-tipped for metals, roofing and building materials, wood, tar, fire doors, plastic and rubber - not suitable for concrete

  • For use ONLY on saws with retractable blade guards.
  • Made with .250" thick carbide chunks that allow extremely fast cutting that will not bind or load (an important factor in rescue cutting)

~ Warning: When sawing, dust and material particles will be common as this product is very aggressive. Wear protective safety equipment when using and handling this blade. Blade edges are very sharp. Must be used with a retractable blade guard saw. Do no exceed saw manufacturer recommended RPM. Periodic inspections are required to insure proper condition. Never used damaged or cracked blades. Please consult warning sheet provided with blade.

Saw: Can be used on high speed and circular hand saws.

Dry or Wet: Use without water or with water.
When cutting without water, cut intermittent to cool blade.
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